Design, documentary filmmaking, and research combine to describe Fusun Uzun’s professional background. Her focus is on creating new forms of storytelling within emerging platforms and hybrid solutions that can expand our perception of new possibilities. As an MFA graduate from the Digital Futures program of OCAD University, she created an immersive, verbatim 360° documentary about the Canadian immigration detention system. The artwork employs the practice of Verbatim Theatre and the techniques and technologies of 360° Cinema to present the events surrounding the death in 2013 of migrant Lucia Vega Jimenez while in detention with the Canada Border Services Agency. At OCAD, Fusun also worked as a research assistant under Professor Emma Westecott at game: play Lab for the project Re:Make Games founded by ReFiG. The project traces historical contexts for feminist art games by identifying key feminist interactive and performative artworks focusing on the Canadian context.