ON-FOOT Mobile App developed by Pop Sandbox offers immersive walking tours incorporating AR/VR and audio narration.




Freelance (Battle for Kettle)

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AR App


Product Designer


Revamping Immersive Walking

On-Foot is a mobile application built in Unity uses geo-triggers to launch cloud-hosted content related to physical locations. I collaborated with On-Foot team for their beta version to optimize their tour content screens, improve the discoverability of their rich story tools and refine overall the map experience


There are many ways to open the doors of locked and long-forgotten buildings in Toronto with On-Foot app. I joined the team to refine primarily their content pages and map experience for the Beta version.


We designed a new dark theme considering the user will be interacting mostly at night during specific events such as Halloween. The new layouts are restructured with a clear hierarchy to highlight the different tools that enhance the story experience and encourage exploration.  We refined the UI elements of the GPS map as it is the core navigation of the product to find the spots where the users can experience the stories and understand the type of media they are engaging with.

It was essential to create a map experience that the user is already familiar with in their daily life. We used a vibrant but limited color palette for the entry points to balance the information density and added solid icons to surface the audio prompts.  We made several usability tests including the zoom feature to make sure the changes don't increase the visual weight of the map.


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