Rethink Breast
Cancer Redesign

Rethink Breast Cancer is a charity helping people who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer




Battle for Kettle

Project Type

Website Redesign


UX/UI Designer

Project Overview

Changing the way scientific information is generated and shared

The client came to Fervor looking to create a new kind of scientific database. One that wasn't locked behind a university email and took a PhD to understand. They wanted a site that made it easy to find out what the general scientific consensus is on current topics in science news.


Design a database-style website that is as visually interesting as it is intellectually informative.

My Role/Responsibilities

Art Direction
Identity, web, & infograph design
Client communication
Developer handoff

Research & Planning

A new look with an efficient information architecture

Initial research was conducted on similar database websites to gain empathy for users and understand what type of structure, layout, and functionality is typical of that type of site. We wanted to identify what worked and what didn’t in order to design a better experience.

Background and Solution

The website had a large amount of content and overwhelming architecture. For the homepage, it was essential to identify the key access points. For article pages, we created in-page navigation with both horizontal and vertical sub-sections to help the user find what they need without getting lost. We combine dynamic cards with fun call to action buttons to add some dynamism in resources section.

Information Design Analysis

We also studied how other websites approached data heavy topics to determine how/if design treatment impacted our ability to understand the data being presented.


We simplified the site's initial structure by combining similar information onto single pages and renamed menu items to make the navigation more intuitive.


We knew from our research that the survey overview and individual survey pages were where drop off could occur. We explored a variety of layouts for those two pages in wireframes to determine which type of layout would create an easy and engaging user experience.

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