Canada Federal Election

An election hub created for Canadian federal elections to increase engagement and help users to make informed decisions




Bell Media

Project Type

Web and Mobile


UX/UI Designer

Project Overview

Increasing engagement
through an election hub

Planned events that occur at a fixed date such as federal elections often considered traffic generators and CTV News mostly generates record-breaking traffic.

The newsroom and product team decided to create a dedicated section as an election hub launched a month ahead of the voting day to increase engagement and help users to make informed decisions during the campaigns. The extensive work helped us also to prototype the first section page while adopting the new branding of CTV News.


We had to work with the limitations of the old content-management platform which functions more like a page template rather than modular content management system.

We need to make sure the UI design aligns with the broadcast look


Construct a clear structure that helps readers better understand how the election actually works.

Dynamic poll visualization

Help users find our other content, like video, podcasts and stories

Research & Planning

Differentiating in a dense, competitive landscape

Discovery and wireframing

The product and editorial team collaborated to create personas capturing the nuances first-time election voters behaviours.

We did an extensive analysis of competitive and substitute products that uses extensive data visualization. We considered a number of wireframes prioritizing above the fold area including top stories package

Introduction of different features

We worked to package content in more meaningful ways creating mini-story hubs to help users gain a deeper understanding of the issues and make connections between stories. A party platform tool that compares each party positioning for the key issues had been developed first time instead of tackling with single-written articles. Considering the amount of issues and five party we covered it was critical to give the user the choice to hide or reveal the party and the issue that matters to them including the entire content while they are scrolling

Designing series for engagement

Designing for series

Using the four hues of the SimpleStage identity as a starting point, I expanded the color palette to accommodate the needs of the platform’s complex dashboard system.

Key Considerations
  • Shades of the primary colors facilitate visual hierarchy
  • Clear messaging is created via a bold secondary palette
  • Contemporary and vibrant tertiary tones standing out in the marketplace

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